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Looking back a Mom's View:I am starting this with the hopes of sharing some advice, thoughts, perspectives, about our fire and what we went through, what I wish I had known. More importantly want I wish I had thought to do and not perhaps put off.
First get rid of any ideas that if you have insurance your worries are over case closed!  People still say that and have since the fire trucks were at our home putting out the fire, I almost believed it to. That was until I realized I had never read the fine print, and believed that our insurance agent whom we had been with for years with NO claims would always look out for us and be there if there was an emergency. Well don't believe the ads on T.V. or the nice office staff. To this day we have never heard from our State Farm Agent, not on the phone, not in person, not ever. We lost everything and so we were left to clean out our home and the remnants of our life by ourselves in the days after, due to the fact that this was not covered by our policy as it turns out. MY ADVICE READ, QUESTION, LOOK UP THE LAWS. Never again will we again trust that someone has our best interest at heart. Look at rates compare companies ask how people who have had emergencies have been treated that is what you want to know. I will keep updating on things as they come to mind LOOK AT YOUR POLICY.

You know today for the well to many times to count the comment was made well meaning of course but wrong on so many levels. "At least everyone is OK" Yes, people have that partly correct, BUT they are only looking at the surface. There is no level to which we are truly grateful that we all made it out safe BUT the wounds that people can't see especially with the children are deep. NO child escapes a fire "OK" despite the smiles or the "I'm fine" what my children lost that day in the fire had as much to with who they were, their since of security, and life as they knew it. And on some level less to do with "stuff".  They it seemed were dropped into the land of OZ. So the next time that you start to say "at least you are all OK" just think that maybe that family has had to hear that, and wants to scream "WE ARE NOT, AND HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THAT MIGHT BE" But instead politely says "es"

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